About us

     Helms Oil Tool Manufacturing(Shanghai)Co.,LTD is a specialist laser cladding service provider with emphasis on products relater to oil and gas drilling tools.

     A subsidiary of Wilhelm S.E.A Pte Ltd,HELMS is a production facility established in 2012 and located in Songjiang,Shanghai to better serve our customers in China.

     A pioneer in offering laser cladding services in Singapore since 2007,Helms oil tool manufacturing(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.brings with it experience and know how along with peace of mind that your tools will be manufactured to specifications by an experienced and trusted partner.


    Utilized as a form of surface treatment,

the laser cladding process utlilzes a high powered laser beam as a heat source to fuse a layer of corrosion resistant or wear resistant material onto the base material creating a new surface with desired properties.


Why Choose Helms Laser Cladding

1) Due to the precise heat control offered by the laser,a metallurgically bonded coating can be applied onto the base material with minimal dilution and other detrimental effects such as heat affected area and distortion.

    The matallurgically bonded coating is tough and not at risk of delamination despite impact and bending stresses.

2) A fine grained microstructure of the clad material is created due to the rapid cooling 

rates of the clad material. In general by having a fine grained microstructure ,the performance of the coating is enhanced by the reduction in size of the grain boundaries which are failure points for corrosion attack and mechanical dislocations.

3)High quality/cost ratio of coating due to the following reasons:

  a) Accurate clad thickness control when     compared to other welding processes minimizes 

finishing processes.

  b)High powder deposition efficiency compared to thermal spray coating reduces wast ematerial.

4)Laser cladding combines the advantages of though arc welded coatings and precise thermal spray coatings creating an advanced surface coating process with high coating purity,tough metallurgical bonding and low heat input.